A Guide On How A Web Hosting Affects Your Site’s SEO

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If you are using a good hosting service, it can add a lot to the SEO aspect of your website. There are many ways by which your site’s SEO can be affected by the hosting you are using. Some of the common ways are as follows:

· Loading Speed of Website

No need to convince on how important the speed of a website is for a good ranking in search engine results. The loading speed is a very important factor that you will need to consider while working on search engine optimization of a website. Higher the loading speed is, better rank the site will have in search results for a particular target keyword

And, as far as the relationship between the site’s speed and the quality of hosting service is concerned, it has been found that hosting services of good quality results in faster loading speed of the website. There is no doubt there are available some WordPress plugins that can help you optimize or improve your site’s speed. But a good hosting can add a lot more to the reduction in the loading time.

· SSL Certification

If you want to provide your site’s visitors’ a secure platform, it is necessary to install an SSL certificate on it. A secure platform will make your visitors trust you. And, when there is a relationship of trust between you and your audience, more sales will be there.

And, on the other hand, installation of an SSL certificate will also affect the SEO of your site. That’s because the search engine also prefers to give a higher rank to the site with an SSL certificate as compared to the one without such a certificate installed on it. A website with an SSL certificate will have its URL starting with HTTPS and on the other hand, the website without such certificate will have the URL starting with HTTP.

There are many hosting providers that offer SSL certification for free. And, it will take no more than a few minutes for installing this certificate on your domain. On the other hand, there are also some hosting providers that charge you for using SSL certification.

There is no doubt that you can purchase an SSL certificate directly from the SSLs.com in order to be able to install it on your domain. But I would recommend you to install it through your hosting service provider instead of installing directly from SSLs.com. That’s because the installation process will be easier if you do it through your hosting.

· Downtime

There is no hosting provider in this world that can give you a guarantee of 100% server uptime. No matter whichever hosting provider you have selected, there will still be a small or negligible period of downtime in a year. This will be the time when your site will be unavailable to the visitors.

But, still, selecting a provider that guarantees that highest available uptime like 99.999%, etc. can help you add positively a lot to the SEO of your site. Try to go with the hosting service with the lowest downtime.

In order to be well aware of how often your site is suffering from the issue of downtime, I would recommend you to make use of the WordPress plugin like Jetpack that will send you a notification immediately whenever your site is down. It will help you decide whether you should remain stuck to your current hosting provider or switch to another one with better uptime.

· Hacking Security

There is no need to convince you that it brings a lot of frustration if your website gets hacked by hackers. The website owners who have ever faced this issue know very well how disturbing this situation is.

And, the main reason for a website to be hacked is not to be having good security from hacking. Search Engines easily detect such websites. When detected, search engines start de-indexing such a website. And the domain name can also be blacklisted by the search engines if the security issue is not resolved.

Thus if your web hosting provider doesn’t offer good hacking security, it will ultimately destroy the SEO of your website.

· Backup

You will not deny that the reason may be any but there may be times when you may have to face some unexpected data loss. The reason may be like a natural disaster, malicious attacks, etc.

Whenever there is a sudden loss of data, if you are not able to restore it immediately, you will lose your ranking. All of the efforts that you have made for the search engine optimization of your website will suddenly go in vain. And, you will have to start the search engine optimization of your site again from a scratch. That’s where you will need to be having the backups of your site’s data so that you can restore it immediately whenever needed.

There are many third-party backup service providers that you can make use of. But if you have a good quality hosting service, you will not need to worry about the backups. That’s because such hosting services come with a good facility of backups as well.

· Awareness About SEO

In order to be able to run a website in a healthy manner from the SEO point view, it is also necessary that you choose a hosting provider that has a good sense and awareness of SEO parameters and issues. If your hosting provider doesn’t have a sound knowledge of the SEO issues, how will they help you with this aspect of your website?

On the other hand, there will also be the chances of having negative effects on the site’s SEO because of some wrong changes knowingly or unknowingly made by the hosting provider on their servers, if they are not well aware of SEO.

Bottom Line

Looking at all of the point mentioned above, it is now clear that if you end up choosing a good hosting for your website, it is going to help you a lot to improve the SEO part of your website. And, on the other hand, if you end up choosing a bad hosting, it will put some negative effects on the SEO of your website.

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