Important Security Features That You Need In A Web Hosting

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In order to protect your website from unwanted usage by unethical systems without your permission, it is highly recommended to have a secure web hosting. Moreover, insecure web hosting also causes viruses to make an entry into your system. In addition, if you don’t have safe web hosting, your data will be at risk and many other issues will also be there. Hence with a purpose to enhance your knowledge in this aspect of hosting, I have mentioned below the most important security features that you need in a web hosting:


RAID is Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. There is no doubt that it is an expensive feature but having RAID on a web hosting server is a good security feature. That’s because in case your server crashes, your data or files will be protected and kept safe by RAID. Most shared hosting packages don’t come with this feature. And, in some cases, you may need to pay extra charges if you want to include this feature in the package.


Backup is also a very important security feature of web hosting. Many hosting companies offer a feature of automatic backup options to choose from. It can be a daily, weekly or monthly backup. Moreover, some companies offer the feature of manual backup that will allow you to make a backup anytime you are in need of that. Thus you can make use of this manual option whenever there is something new on your website and you want that update to be live.

Website backup is very critical because you will need it whenever the server of your web hosting goes down. Moreover, there may be times when your data may be lost due to the attacks from some malicious hackers or other reasons like natural disasters, fire, some errors, etc. In such cases, the available backup will make it possible for you to easily restore your system or data. Hence it is necessary to check out the details about the backup facility before buying any web hosting.

Secure Datacenter

The Datacenter of your web hosting should also be secure. If the data center is active even in unfavorable circumstances like an earthquake, power shortage, etc, it will be a good sign of security. Moreover, the location where your datacenter is situated is also an important factor determining the security level of the datacenter and eventually affecting the security of your web hosting. Web hosting with datacenters situated at the locations that are prone to the risk of natural dangers should be avoided. And, you should also make sure that the servers are protected with the monitoring systems like restricted access, surveillance camera, and intruder alarms, etc.

Manual Reboot

It is a service or feature that you can use to reboot your server from the control panel provided in your web hosting plan. Generally, this facility is only available in VPS and dedicated server hosting packages or plans. This is also a very important feature. That’s because you may need to reboot your server in case of having some problems and in case of having made some updates as well.


There is no doubt that almost all hosting companies provide FTP that stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. It is actually FTP that makes it possible for you to download and upload files on your website. But you have to make sure that the hosting service that you are using is offering you a “Secure File Transfer Protocol” or SFTP. That’s because, in the absence of SFTP, there are more chances of cyber threats due to fast and frequent changes in files of a big website.


Another important security feature in this list is SSH. SSH stands for “Secure Shell”. It is actually a network protocol with the use of which you can send commands to the web server through a channel that is encrypted. SSH, with the use of UNIX machines, makes it possible for you to have remote and secure access from any type of internet connection. And, it is quite useful if you intend to make any change in the root system of the leased server you have.

SSL Protection

When it comes to offering encryption between the hosting server of your website and the client’s or visitor’s browser, SSL makes it possible. SSL is actually “Secure Socket Layer” and it is also available in secure hosting. You can easily buy an SSL certificate to protect your website with SSL.

Anti-Virus Software

Another important feature that you need in your web hosting is up-to-date antivirus software. Anti-virus software provides protection from online threats and malware that can help hackers to steal your identity and data. Moreover, it can also detect the malicious codes in your files and once detected, it repairs them as well.

Remember that updating the anti-virus software on a regular basis is also important. New updates will provide protection against new types of threats.

Anti-Spam Filters & Firewalls

In order to be protected from the emails containing malware, harmful links, and other harmful content, anti-spam filters are needed. And, on the other hand, unlimited access to your web hosting server from the untrusted sources may also cause some harms. Hence you will need to have firewalls so as to limit such suspicious access to the server.

DDoS Safeguards

DDoS stands for “Distributed Denial of Service”. When a cybercriminal manages to shut down your web hosting server by making bombardment of a large number of phony user requests, you can call it a DDoS attack. This kind of attack is more harmful even than the threat of data theft. That’s why having protection against the DDoS attacks is also one of the very important security features that you need in a web hosting.

Final Words

Remember that the security of the web hosting that you choose for your website is as important as the fast speed and uptime that the hosting offers. A secure web hosting protects not only your own but also your customer’s or visitor’s data or information. Hence keep in mind all the security features mentioned above so that you can make a smart decision and choose the best and safest web hosting to host your website.

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